The Barometer of the Círculos

The Círculo de Empresarios, Círculo de Economía and Círculo de Empresarios Vascos have presented The Barometer of the Círculos, an ambitious initiative that will be published annually and that seeks to provide society with clear and precise information about the strengths of the Spanish economy and how its imbalances and structural deficiencies can be resolved.


The Barometer is centered on five essential aspects of economic activity:

  • Market Dynamism
  • Basic Resources (Physical Infrastructures, Education and Innovation)
  • Labor and Financial Markets
  • Business Dynamism
  • Contribution of the Public Administrations

The methodology functions through three instruments: a selective review of the principal indicators drawn up by different international institutions and their most relevant conclusions; a survey of 154 Spanish executives, most of whom are members of one of the three Círculos; and more than twenty in-depth individual interviews with top-ranking managers of companies that are the leaders in their respective sectors.

In each one of its sections the Barometer of the Círculos includes a series of examples of the best international practices.

The Barometer of the Círculos enjoys the sponsorship of DKV Seguros Médicos, FujitsuSantander andTelefónica.

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