Congresses on the Economy and Society

The organisations mentioned below—which bring together a considerable number of business leaders, managers, academic scholars and, in general, people and firms directly engaged in the economic and social activities of companies—periodically hold meetings to debate Spain’s economic and institutional situation, with the aim of contributing to its progress and development.

Besides exchanging opinions and criteria and making proposals, each one of these meetings is centered on an issue of special relevance, and the eight organizations issue a common position paper.

This initiative also seeks to consolidate and demonstrate the increasing necessity of structuring among the institutions of civil society. A structuring that seeks to enrich Spanish institutional life, which is sometimes too dependent on a political power that tends to occupy areas that, in our opinion, are sometimes off limits.

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Círculo de Empresarios is a member of the International Network of Private Business Organisations, a network of “counterpart” organisations so to speak as they share a series of goals and characteristics. Essentially, these revolve around a common interest in studying society’s most salient current economic and social problems, based on a belief in free enterprise and the efficiency of the market economy, as well as free trade.

These organizations propose to approach their work from the standpoint of experience as well as study or research, calling on any necessary specialists or experts at a given time, as well as on their own members or employees. The goal is to propose ideas and solutions to the problems posed, which could be useful and constructive for society as a whole, rather than merely to sectors or groups with a specific ideological or political interest.

The organisations belonging to this network, whose names and links are below, meet annually at a conference held on a rotational basis, in a city of the country where the host institution is located. These conferences are convened under a specific heading or theme that enables participants to pool their reflections and experiences on the subject matter.


Círculo de Empresarios


Committee for Economic Development
Forum de Administradores de Empresas


Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA


Keizai Doyukai


Institute de l’Enterprise


Committee for Economic Development of Australia


Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming


China Institute for Reform and Development


Consejo Empresario de America Latina


National Business Initiative


CESifo Group Munich

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