Our philosophy

Javier Vega
Javier Vega de Seoane Azpilicueta President of The Círculo de Empresarios

The 200 businessmen and top managers who make up part of the Círculo de Empresarios are moved by the urge to use our reflections and proposals to help improve Spanish society. We analyze things from the managerial point of view but at the same time we promote the collective interest. We think it is perfectly legitimate to democratically defend business, sectorial and personal interests, although that is not our mission.

We define ourselves as a collective project of managerial responsibility that operates a think tank, which from the start has defended free enterprise and the free market, promoting the businessman as generator of employment, progress, social wellbeing and the entrepreneurial spirit.

We generate ideas and proposals by mobilizing our members into working groups that will articulate our activities in three important sectors during the coming years: the need for the Spanish economy to grow; improved quality of our institutions; and promotion of responsible, ethical behavior in the business world. 

The Círculo might be defined as a think tank that wants its ideas to be useful so that day-by-day Spain can be a better country, more competitive and prosperous. That’s why we have adopted the motto “Ideas for Growth”. Growth is the answer to the challenges and questions we are facing collectively. We have to grow so as to be able to create employment and wealth, to combat the deficit and debt that hinder our development, and thus consolidate a Welfare State based on the efforts and solidarity of many Spaniards. To grow in a globalized economy, it is imperative that we improve our competitiveness, and to do this we must intensify structural economic reforms.

We seek a quality institutional framework that offers security and confidence and will attract investment, and we support growth not to generate inequality but, rather, to help overcome it. Equal opportunities, which are most solidly based on education, should be our principal collective objective. And to be healthy, growth must be founded on transparency, on the fight against corruption, and on ethically based actions and values.

We defend values basic to society

The Círculo de Empresarios was founded in 1977 as a non-profit, independent association on a national level, made up of individuals and the proprietors and top managers of the main companies operating in Spain.

We are all united in defending certain socioeconomic values...

  • The promotion of free enterprise.
  • Private initiative.
  • The market economy.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit
  • The central role of the businessman in society.

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