Una preparación sólida del alumno universitario

Club Coopera, mantener vivo el espíritu de grupo y proporcionar un vinculo entre todos los participantes.

Presentación del Programa

diplomados 2012

Diploma Ceremony 2010 at the Faculty of Economics and Business UAM

The educational cooperation programmes are aimed at ensuring that university students attain a solid preparation via parallel training at university and businesses, combining theory and practice. Accordingly, students complete practical placements at companies, under the supervision of a tutor, and obtain credits for their academic qualification.

At the initiative of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Fundación Universidad Empresa and Círculo de Empresarios, there are currently two programmes of this kind in place at the aforementioned university, one at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences and another at the Faculty of Psychology.

The first, known as COOPERA, is aimed at second-year students of the Economics or Business Management and Administration degree courses. Club COOPERA was set up to keep the group spirit alive and provide a link between all those who have participated in this programme. The idea is to provide a forum for members and students of COOPERA, current and alumni, to strengthen their sense of identification with the project and to offer them services to aid their professional development and help them to network.

The programme at the Faculty of Psychology is geared towards training students as specialists in the sphere of organizations and human resources. Since the 2002-2003 academic year, the programme has been part of one of the university’s own qualifications, so that students completing the theoretical-practical training obtain an undergraduate diploma in organization and human resources.

Subsequently, Círculo de Empresarios has continued to develop this kind of initiative with other teaching institutions, like Universidad Pontificia Comillas – ICADE, this time through a programme aimed at post-graduate and doctorate students.

2011 Grants and Diplomas Ceremony


of Partido Socialista Obrero Español, 6 by members of Grupo Catalán-CIU, 1 by a member of Partido Nacionalista Vasco, 3 by members of Unión del Pueblo Navarro, 2 by members of Entesa Catalana de Progrés and 1 by a representative of Bloque Nacionalista Galego.

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