Programa Empresas Parlamentarios

Creado en 1987 con un doble objetivo: facilitar un conocimiento real de la empresa, así como sus planteamientos tecnológicos y humanos.

Presentación del Programa

The Industry and Parliament Scheme was created in 1987 with a two-fold purpose: On the one hand, to provide parliamentary representatives with real knowledge of business,  its principles, objectives, organization, strategies and ways of working, as well as its technological and human principles. On the other, to provide business executives and their collaborators with an overview of the parliamentary reality and the legislative process, as well as the problems faced by parliamentarians at local, regional, national and European Union level, when dealing with matters that affect business.

The Scheme is aimed at members of both houses of the Spanish Parliament (MPs and senators), the European Parliament and the parliaments and assemblies of the various autonomous regions. There have also been some specific editions of the programme tailored to Parliamentary Legal Counsels. The programme basically operates through research placements and visits to companies, but also through seminars, meetings and debates.

With regard to the Spanish Parliament, every year a diploma ceremony is held for those members of the year’s intake who have completed their placements at the chosen companies. This act is held alternately in the Congress or the Senate, and is hosted by the president of the House in question.

Code of Principles


Parliamentarians Enterprise Programme XXII Promotion

The ceremony was chaired by the President of the Senate, Javier Rojo, and the President of Círculo de Empresarios, Claudio Boada; the President of the Programmes Committee, Eduardo Montes, also intervened.

32 parliamentarians received diplomas in this session (18 senators and 14 MPs), choosing from a total of 47 companies. Of the placements, 17 were completed by parliamentarians belonging to the Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español), 12 by members of the Popular Party (Partido Popular), 2 by members of Grupo Catalán-CIU, and 1 by a member of Entesa Catalana de Progrés. The duration of the placements at companies ranges from five to ten days over the year, making it much easier for parliamentarians’ to take part. In the 22nd edition of the programme the number of parliamentarians receiving diplomas diminished with respect to the previous year, as a result of the early dissolution of Parliament ahead of the election on 20 November.



Parliamentarians Enterprise Programme XXII Promotion, Claudio Boada, Teresa Cunillera y Eduardo Montes

The awards ceremony for parliamentarians belonging to the 21st edition of the Parliamentarians Enterprise Program, corresponding to the 2010-2011 period, took place in Spain’s Congress, and was presided over by the First Deputy President Teresa Cunillera, with the President of Círculo de Empresarios, Claudio Boada, also intervening.

A total of 111 parliamentarians received diplomas in that year (67 MPs and 54 senators), having completed placements in 38 companies, of the 47 participating in the programme during the period. Of the placements, 62 were completed by parliamentarians belonging to Partido Popular, 46 by members

As it happened Industry and Parliament Scheme

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