Reuniones de debate sobre la situación económica e institucional de España, con el ánimo de contribuir a su desarrollo y progreso

Intercambiar opiniones, criterios y, en su caso, formular propuestas

Presentación del Programa

The organizations mentioned below –which bring together a considerable number of businessmen, managers, academics and, in general, people and firms directly engaged in the economic and social activities of companies– periodically hold meetings to debate Spain’s economic and institutional situation, with the aim of contributing to its development and progress.

Besides exchanging opinions and criteria and making proposals, each one of these meetings is centered on an issue of special relevance, and the eight organizations issue a common position paper.

This initiative also seeks to consolidate and demonstrate the increasingly necessary structuring among the institutions of civil society. A structuring that seeks to enrich Spanish institutional life, which is sometimes too dependent on a political power that tends to occupy areas that, in our opinion, are sometimes off limits.

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