#CrEo: for a better society

Creo is an idea that reflects in a single word the Círculo de Empresarios’ vocation as an institution: commitment and independence.


We believe in values that are capable of creating a better society

The Círculo de Empresarios is driven by a group of independent people who voluntarily dedicate some of their time, effort and knowledge to defending some basic values in which we firmly believe.

Creo is the first person singular of the verb ‘creer’ –“to believe”– and at the same the first person singular of the verb ‘crear’, “to create”.

We members of the Círculo de Empresarios believe deeply in some values that –when put into practice through politics, the economy, companies and ethics– are capable of creating more wellbeing and opportunities in our society.

our story

The Círculo de Empresarios, created in 1977, is a center for thought and debate in the service of Spanish society as a whole.

The principal aims of the Círculo are to promote the free market and free enterprise, to recognize the social value of businessmen as creators of wealth and general wellbeing, and to support the entrepreneurial spirit. It carries out these objectives by means of documents, position papers, and different kinds of publications. It also develops programs to cooperate with society in different areas.

The Círculo can be defined as a Project of Managerial Social Responsibility.


El Círculo carries out its activities with total independence and is financed exclusively with the dues of its members. As of March 16, 2016, there were 200 members.

Revenues from club dues during 2016 are 1.75 million euros. Dues range from 2,000 to 15,730 euros annually, depending on the number of employees in each member company.

To this amount must be added 60,000 euros in sponsorship from DKV Seguros, Fujitsu, Santander and Telefónica, which is used to publish the Barómetro de los Círculos in collaboration with the Círculo de Economía and the Círculo de Empresarios Vascos.

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