A better Spain for everyone

The socioeconomic balance is a clear reflection that Spain is a success story. Since 1977, per capita income for the Spanish has doubled in real terms and gone from 76.1% of the EU average to the current 92%. The incorporation of women in the job market is a reality – their participation has grown from … Continued

A better Spain for everyone

Spain needs to put together an inclusive plan that mobilises and inspires us, and that provides structure for us all. This should be along the lines of what occurred with the recovery of our freedom and democracy, the development of our welfare state, and our fully-fledged incorporation into Europe from which we had felt (to … Continued

The Barometer of the Círculos 2016

The Barometer of the Círculos, in this third edition, seeks to contribute to collectively solving the big problems that affect Spain. On this occasion, in addition to presenting the shared vision of the Círculo de Empresarios, the Círculo de Economía and the Círculo de Empresarios Vascos, it has enjoyed the participation –begun in 2015– of … Continued


Diplomatic Enterprise Programme (PECD)

The Diplomatic Enterprise Programme (of the Spanish, PECD) was created through an agreement signed by the then-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Angel Moratinos, and the President of Círculo de Empresarios, Claudio Boada, on 21 July 2008. Through this programme, diplomats, selected by the Ministry, can undertake research placements at companies, providing them with … Continued


Judges And Magistrates Enterprise Programme (PEMJ)

Last edition of the program in Iberdrola This programme’s (of the Spanish, PEMJ) goals are, firstly, to promote mutual knowledge, awareness and the pooling of experience to help judges, magistrates and entrepreneurs to best perform their activities. Secondly, to provide judges and magistrates with real knowledge of business, its principles, organization, objectives, and ways of … Continued


Industry and Parliament Scheme

The Industry and Parliament Scheme was created in 1987 with a two-fold purpose: On the one hand, to provide parliamentary representatives with real knowledge of business,  its principles, objectives, organization, strategies and ways of working, as well as its technological and human principles. On the other, to provide business executives and their collaborators with an overview … Continued


Educational Cooperation Programmes

Diploma Ceremony 2010 at the Faculty of Economics and Business UAM The educational cooperation programmes are aimed at ensuring that university students attain a solid preparation via parallel training at university and businesses, combining theory and practice. Accordingly, students complete practical placements at companies, under the supervision of a tutor, and obtain credits for their … Continued


Parliamentarians Executive Management Programme (PEGP)

Organized by Círculo de Empresarios and Instituto de Empresa, this programme consists in a series of sessions at the institute’s headquarters, and with the institute’s teaching staff, in line with a schedule and distribution of materials agreed previously, to take place during one semester. The programme ends with the presentation of diplomas to successful participants, … Continued


Congresses on the Economy and Society

The organizations mentioned below –which bring together a considerable number of businessmen, managers, academics and, in general, people and firms directly engaged in the economic and social activities of companies– periodically hold meetings to debate Spain’s economic and institutional situation, with the aim of contributing to its development and progress. Besides exchanging opinions and criteria … Continued

Measures to increase the size of companies

Spain needs larger companies to make its economy more competitive and stable and thus meet the challenges of the global economy. At present, 99.3% of the country’s firms are micro-enterprises or are classified as small (fewer than 50 employees), a situation that is in sharp contrast to Germany, the UK and the USA, where the … Continued

The Barometer of the Círculos

he Círculo de Empresarios, the Círculo de Economía and the Círculo de Empresarios Vascos, in their effort to help diagnose the structural situation of the Spanish economy and support its transformation, present the second edition of the Barometer of the Círculos. It includes the principal strengths and competitive weaknesses of our economic and business surroundings, and we make … Continued

The Barometer of the Círculos 2014

The Barometer of the Círculos project has two purposes: to identify and track the principal strengths and competitive weaknesses in our business climate, and to propose concrete measures and structural reforms to correct these weaknesses. The Barometer of the Círculos will come out annually and will quantify the opinions of top Spanish managers about key … Continued



Published by Expansión The Círculo de Empresarios, which is currently celebrating its thirty-fifth birthday, was created at the start of Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. In that difficult period, José María López de Letona, our honorary president and founder, led a generous offer by a group of important businessmen who wanted to express their conviction that the market economy was the … Continued

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